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Carmen Smith

"Anyeong! What's your ETA?!" Yun-Ho shouted in an irritated tone into his watch-communicator, while trying to dodge gunfire in search for sufficient cover. Sadly, the mountainous island he was navigating lacked an adequate number of large trees to hide behind.

"I'll be at your location in five minutes," replied the helicopter pilot calmly.

Yun-Ho dodged some splinters flying from the tree he hid himself behind.

"We may not be here in five minutes." "Bballi!" exclaimed Yun-Ho.

He dodged another shot, and let out an irritated grunt. "Seung-Min! Grenade!"

"Right!" replied Min-Ho as he pulled the pin from the explosive. "Ja!" he exclaimed as he hurled the device toward the enemy.

As the grenade exploded, the distinct sound of helicopter propellers began to draw near.

After firing a couple shots from his pistol, Dong-Hae shouted to Yun-ho, "The chopper's coming!"

"Okay," Yun-Ho quickly replied, "Seung-Ho, cover our retreat to the chopper, Seung-Min, take point and make sure they're no enemies ready to pop up at the end of the cliff; I'll be right behind you." "Ka!"

"You're the leader, Seung-Ji," replied Min-Ho as he slammed another magazine into his handgun, and headed for the edge of the cliff.

Yun-Ho soon followed, and then Dong-Hae took up the rear while defending their retreat with gunfire, expertly shooting every adversary to immobilize them.

Once they reached the edge of the cliff the helicopter came down and hovered near the edge so the men could get in. While they were buckling up the helicopter's gunner took out the remaining enemies.

"We're in!" shouted Yun-Ho so the pilot could hear him over the sound of the helicopter's propellers.

"Aigoo!" "You've got the headset on, I can hear you," the pilot painfully replied.

Yun-Ho let out a sigh of relief as he laid his head back on the seat in the aerial vehicle as it banked to get on its desired course. He pondered on why he decided to participate in this I. D. O. L. program. Idol Defensive Operations League, or simply, IDOL, is a program started by the South Korean government to have major celebrities serve in the military. Since certain celebrities' popularity and earning potential directly affected the economy, it was in the government's best interest to keep the major groups together, but still recruit new soldiers. Min-Ho of SHINee, Dong-Hae of SUPER JUNIOR, and Yun-Ho of TVXQ, Yun-Ho being the leader of the team that was formed from the three, all decided to take part in this new program. To protect their identities the government assigned them alternate names during their extensive training. They are: Seung-Ji (Yun-Ho), Seung-Min (Min-Ho), and Seung-Ho (Dong-Hae). They refer to each other by these names while they are on a mission and under these identities the trio has helped South Korea snuff out several threats from North Korea's hidden attacks against the country. This recent mission required them to gather some information from a North Korean base on an uncharted island off the coast of South Korea. Sadly, their Intel was false and instead succeeded in frustrating the North Koreans and compromising their base's security.

Just as Yun-Ho started to doze, Dong-Hae sang into his headset, "Anyeooong…" then said, "Wake up Yun-Ho-sshi, we need to disarm ourselves and warm up before we get to the show."

Yun-Ho opened one eye curiously, "What show?"

Dong-Hae sighed, "We are all performing on Myoojik Baengk tonight, remember?"

Yun-Ho sat up with a jerk, "Oh right," he replied knowingly while disassembling his pistol and putting it and his extra magazine into their proper case that was stored on the helicopter.

Dong-Hae did the same. Min-Ho also disassembled his pistol and put his extra magazines in the case.

Min-Ho continued to remove even more magazines and place them in the case, which caused Dong-Hae to remark with bewilderment, "I don't even wanna know where you were keeping those."

Min-Ho smiled widely, "Anyeong, I have to keep my hyungje safe," he said as he patted Yun-Ho on the shoulder. "Plus, if I get hurt Key umma would never stop asking what happened." "I can't always say I got hurt playing basketball." Min-Ho explained.

"And," added Yun-Ho, "he must keep shining for each noona in Korea."

They all chuckled.

Yun-Ho sighed as he leaned back again, "I just want to sleep."

"You know old people sleep a lot," whispered Min-Ho to Dong-Hae.

"Anyeong! What was that?!" exclaimed Yun-Ho as he proceeded to pretend to choke Min-Ho.

Min-Ho laughed as he played along, "Agh! Mianhaeyo! Mianhaeyo!"

They continued to joke with each other; even the pilot got a few chuckles, and then they warmed up their voices by singing up and down the musical scale and rehearsing some songs. They also changed into their stylish performance clothes which had been prepared for them beforehand.

Soon they arrived at a building, the location of which is undisclosed, where their helicopter landed and vans were waiting to take them to the studio for their performances. IDOL required that their managers know about their missions, so they provided excuses for why they would be late for rehearsals or the like. Also, the managers could easily provide ways to get a member away from the rest of the group if he was needed for a mission.

After their performances the three groups, SUPER JUNIOR, SHINee, and TVXQ, met backstage along with Kara, Girls' Generation, and other assorted music groups. They bowed to each other and congratulated each other on their performances. Min-Ho, Dong-Hae, and Yun-Ho all passed small smirks to each other as they acted as if they had not seen each other all day.

Afterwards, they all went to their vehicles with their groups, naturally SUPER JUNIOR had to take two separate automobiles, and headed home.

Also, naturally, the groups noticed the fatigue of their members, and some inquired about it.

"Yun-Ho!" said Jae-Joong.

"Weh?" replied Yun-Ho suddenly as he pretended he was not dozing off.

"Why have you been so tired lately?" inquired Jae-Joong. "You're always napping, and acting sleepy."

"Wha…uh…well, you know my age is…and m-my stamina is…" stammered Yun-Ho as he rummaged through his pocket for something. As he pulled out a small, wrapped, ball-shaped item and offered it to Jae-Joong, he said, "Ah, red ginseng?"

Jae-Joong's face lit up as quickly as it went into a frown as Jun-Su reached across him and snatched the small candy.

"Anyeoooong!" exclaimed Jae-Joong while he slapped Jun-Su's arm.

Jun-Su smiled mischievously then he let out his signature raspy laugh as he popped the ginseng in his mouth after he unwrapped it.

Yun-Ho reached in his pocket and pulled out two more for himself and Jae-Joong, then tossed another one each into Chang-Min and Yoo-Chun's laps.

"Gomawa!" said Chang-Min and Yoo-Chun in unison.

Soon they were all sucking happily, and to Yun-Ho's advantage, quietly, on ginseng. Another interrogation was averted, and Yun-Ho could finally get a little sleep without anyone questioning his drowsiness.

During SHINee's routine workout in one of S.M. Entertainment's training rooms the next morning, SHINee's manager, Yoon-Duk, came in and stood against the wall as SHINee finished one of their dance routines.

"Min-Ho-goon!" the manager called out.

"Neh?" replied Min-Ho.

"Your parents called, they said there's been a family emergency," explained Yoon-Duk putting emphasis on certain words.

Min-Ho nodded as he understood "parents" to mean IDOL and "emergency" to mean a new mission.

"They want you to come home for three days or so; let's get your things now, they're waiting for you," the manager continued to explain.

"Okay," replied Min-Ho, then he turned to the other SHINee members, "Mianhae, it must be hard for you guys with me keep leaving like this."

"It's okay," Onew quickly responded, "We always know you'll be back," he encouraged him with a bright smile.

After he said his goodbyes to the other members with hugs, he went outside with his manager where a black van was waiting.

When he entered the van he found Dong-Hae and Yun-Ho already inside.

"Well, you people look familiar," Min-Ho commented with a smirk as he climbed in the van.

Dong-Hae and Yun-Ho chuckled.

Suddenly, the men's cell phones rang simultaneously. When they answered their phones they heard their mission coordinator was on the other line, and he explained to them the details of their mission. Their objective was to rescue one of the weapons scientists that had been captured by agents of the North Korean government. Their base was tucked away in the mountains of Kaesong in North Korea. The region they would be rescuing the scientist from was a dense forest, so their coordinator explained that finding the base wouldn't be easy, but they were sure their Intel was correct this time.

Soon after a lengthy drive to a secluded military air base, the trio changed into military uniforms and gear, and boarded a small military plane and flew the rest of the way to their objective. As they were flying, they discussed some more details of the mission, the layout of the base, and some plans to retrieve the scientist until Dong-Hae changed the subject.

"I'm scared," sighed Dong-Hae.

"I think we're all a little frightened right before a mission," Yun-Ho nervously chuckled.

"No, I mean, the more we do this the more chances there will be for us to get hurt." "I'm scared of that," confessed Dong-Hae while staring at the floor.

Min-Ho piped up, "You can't think about that." "I'm younger than both of you; don't you think I'm worried?" "We have to remember all this is for our country, for our friends, our family." "We do this so we, and our friends, don't have to stop living." "We can't let fear get in the way of that, not ever."

Dong-Hae and Yun-Ho nodded in agreement.

Yun-Ho smirked a little, "And I thought I was the leader."

Min-Ho chuckled slightly.

To avoid detection the team's air craft could not take them the entire distance to the secret base, so Min-Ho, Dong-Hae, and Yun-Ho parachuted out of their plane to a location about two miles outside of their objective, and hiked the rest of the way.

Once they reached the base's location, they needed to find the entrance that their coordinator told them about without being noticed by the guards.

"Now, according to our Intelligence the escape hatch we can enter in from should be right here," observed Yun-Ho as he walked quickly, but quietly, toward a large mound.

Yun-Ho and Dong-Hae started to clear leaves from the mound while Min-Ho stood guard. They quickly found a metal door.

"Ah, well the "Idiocy" got one this time," proclaimed Dong-Hae.

"Seung-Ho!" scolded Yun-Ho, "Be respectful!"

"Hey, their last mistake almost got us killed, I'm not getting over that," Dong-Hae complained.

"Anyeong!" "Quiet!" "There might be guards around; we're not that from the main entrance," warned Min-Ho who was keeping watch of the immediate area with his pistol at the ready.

"This is an exit not an entry, it wouldn't make sense to have guards in earshot of here," snapped Dong-Hae.
"Listen, Seung-Ho," Yun-Ho said firmly while grasping Dong-Hae's collar, "this is not the place for coarse jokes and teasing." "We have work to do; get your mind in the right place or so help me I'll use you as a shield and walk right through the front door of this base." "Are we clear?"

"Yes, sir," replied Dong-Hae respectfully.

"Alright, then," Yun-Ho let go of his collar, "we have to find the keypad to open this door." "Since it is an exit, as Seung-Ho so insightfully pointed out," remarked Yun-Ho in a sarcastic manner, "it needs a code to be opened for any other reason from the outside."

Yun-Ho started looking around the door, and Dong-Hae started searching the ground near the door. Min-Ho still kept watch, but heard some squirrels frolicking nearby and immediately thought a threat was approaching. He quickly turned around with his handgun ready to aim at his target, but in the process of turning around his gun hit the tree he was standing near and the tree let out a loud clang.

Min-Ho took a step back from the tree with his hands raised in the air while wincing since he feared the sound would give away their location. Luckily, the sound didn't seem to travel very far.

"Mianhaeyo!" Min-Ho apologized with his hands still raised in the air as if he was surrendering.

Dong-Hae and Yun-Ho arose from the ground slowly.

"That tree sounded like it's made out of," Yun-Ho's faced formed a quizzical expression, "metal?"

Dong-Hae knocked on it a few times which made the tree ting like a metal pole, "Neh, that's definitely metallic."

As Min-Ho walked closer to examine the tree with the others, he felt something hard under his foot after he was just a few inches from the tree, then something made a small "click" sound. Soon a small section of the tree sunk back, and parted to reveal a keypad with buttons that were labeled with numbers zero through nine.

"How did you do that?" questioned Yun-Ho.

"Nado molla…" said Min-Ho as he lifted up his right foot, "Oh, there's a black button at the base of the tree; I must have stepped on it."

Yun-Ho pulled a small, square-shaped, metallic box that had a screen displaying five zeros on it. While Yun-Ho was setting this small decoder, Dong-Hae proceeded to unscrew the keypad from the tree with a small drill with a magnetic screwdriver attachment so he could expose wires connecting to the keypad. After Dong-Hae took the rubber insulation off the appropriate wires, Yun-Ho connected the decoder's small clamps onto the exposed wires and the device began shuffling through digits.

"Seung-Min, Seung-Ho, go cover the door," instructed Yun-Ho as the last two digits were about to appear.

Min-Ho went over to the door and crouched down poised to shoot if anything came out of the opening. Dong-Hae stealthily walked over and did the same on the opposite side of the opening, and soon the small door popped open and Dong-Hae quickly did a quick scan and walked in a crouch position a short distance into the chute.

"It's clear," whispered Dong-Hae.

Dong-Hae cautiously proceeded into the chute while Min-Ho continued to guard the opening while Yun-Ho put the keypad back into the "tree". Once the team reached the end of the chute they found themselves in a small room filled with emergency equipment. While Yun-Ho was adding a silencer to his pistol as Min-Ho and Dong-Hae had done earlier, Min-Ho walked over to the door and opened it slightly and looked down the corridor that lay behind it. After seeing the way was clear Min-Ho walked out to the opposite wall, placed his back against it, and then motioned the others to come into the hall. Yun-Ho came out first and checked the adjoining hallway; Dong-Hae followed and checked the opposite directions. Working as if they were one body, the small group quietly moved throughout the base with ease. They all had studied the blueprints of the building, so they had no problems navigating their way to the room where the scientist was being kept.

Min-Ho and Dong-Hae took their positions on the opposite ends of the hall and kept a look out while Yun-Ho shoved an all-purpose key into the locked door. He opened the door slowly as he scanned the room with his gun ready to fire if he should find any enemies. Once his eyes reached the opposite end of the room, he caught sight of a young, pretty, female wearing a tasteful black dress and a white lab coat sitting in a chair with her wrists and ankles bound to it with plastic bands. Yun-Ho's expression changed slightly as he did not expect to see woman in the room, while the woman's expression changed drastically as she was excited to see U-Know Yun-Ho walking into the room outfitted in army attire looking ready for combat.

"Annyeonghaseyo," said the scientist sweetly and shyly as she bowed the best she could.

Yun-Ho smiled slightly as he walked towards the woman, "Hold still." "Are you In So-Kyung, the scientist?" asked Yun-Ho as he pulled out his serrated knife and cut the bands.

"Yeh." "What are you doing here?" asked So-Kyung.

Min-Ho took a step in the room, "Bballi!" he whispered forcefully, "There are two men talking down the hallway, if they start walking our way we're done."

"I'm just a man serving my country, ma'am," said Yun-Ho as he grabbed her hand and lifted her out of the chair, "Come on."

While grasping the scientist's left hand with his right hand, and having his pistol at the ready with the other, Yun-Ho and his team navigated the hallways to return to the room with the emergency escape chute. Once they came to a long corridor, Dong-Hae took his position near the opening of an adjacent hallway, while Yun-Ho turned down the opposite hallway. Since Yun-Ho was trying to make sure the scientist was following well, he did not check the hallway before he proceeded. To his surprise when he turned his head to face the direction he wanted go in, he saw a soldier standing three feet in front of him, looking just as shocked as he did. After staring at each other for all of two seconds, Yun-Ho quickly raised his pistol and shot his bewildered opponent in the face. He thought they would be able to continue since the gun's silencer worked well, but So-Kyung let out a shrill scream as a response to the disfigured face and massive amounts of splattered blood in the hall.

Yun-Ho winced as he heard her scream as he knew all hope for regaining inconspicuousness was lost, and one look at Yun-Ho's faced warned So-Kyung that her outburst was greatly unappreciated.

"Mianhaeyo!" whispered So-Kyung through her hands that were clasped over her mouth.

"What was that?" a guard questioned his partner in an alarmed manner just down the hall.

Yun-Ho rolled his eyes, "Excuse me," he said to the scientist as he bent down and grab her legs to quickly hoist her over his shoulder since he knew they would have to make a quick escape and he could not risk So-Kyung slowing them down.

So-Kyung let out a quick yelp, "Mianhae!" she whispered as she clasped her hands over her mouth again.

Yun-Ho chuckled a bit, "Okay team, let's move."

With So-Kyung draped over Yun-Ho's shoulder (he would have carried her with both of his arms, but he need to be able to access his firearm), the trio started to sprint throughout the building and head for the main entrance; the number the guards trying to follow them increased the closer they came to their destination.

"Annyeong, Captain, radio silence is over, we need evac asap," Yun-Ho puffed into his communicator.

"I'm on my way." "Owah, you sound really out of breath, you got company?"

"Heh, oh yeah, we're having a house party down here," replied Yun-Ho sarcastically. "See you at the front door, and be sure to- AGH!"

Yun-Ho fell to the floor and flung So-Kyung far in front of him. He quickly turned over and noticed a bullet had hit his leg; not a deep wound, but just deep enough to cause a moderately sized gash on his calf.

"Seung-Ho! Keep going for the entrance with the scientist, I've got Seung-Ji," shouted Min-Ho as he started to lower himself to help Yun-Ho.

Dong-Hae nodded and grabbed So-Kyung's hand to help her off the floor and began to continue running in the direction of the entrance. As they rounded the corner the scientist's black high-heels flew across the floor and slid into the wall on account of her flinging them off in order to keep up with Dong-Hae.

"Come on, Seung-Ji, you can make it!" urged Min-Ho as he lifted Yun-Ho off the floor.

"Might as well just leave me here, I'm dead as soon as Jae-Joong sees me." Remarked Yun-Ho as he hobbled to his feet.

As he rose, Min-Ho turned and shot a couple of the guards rounding the other corner of the hallway behind them, "That's for my hyung!" shouted back Min-Ho in an almost childish manner.

Finally, as Min-Ho and Yun-Ho limped their way to main entrance, they found Dong-Hae and the scientist buckling up in the helicopter, the gate of the base blown inward and mangled, and soldiers crouching laying down gun fire to cover their escape. With Yun-Ho limping along, Min-Ho and his friend went as fast as they could toward the chopper once the gunner waved them in when the way was clear.

Once they were in the helicopter, buckled in, and taking off, the medic onboard tore Yun-Ho's  pants and took a look at his wound.

"Oh, it's not that bad." "Just a flesh wound really, you'll heal in no time." assured the medic, "Although from the way you were limping I thought you had broken something," remarked the medic with a chuckle.

Yun-Ho gave a half-hearted smile and laid his head back as the medic tended to his wound; he flinched now again while it was being cleaned.

"I know this seems awkward because of the situation, but…" So-Kyung shyly pulled out a small pad and pen and offered it with her head bowed to Dong-Hae who was sitting beside her, "Could I have your autograph please?"
So, here's the the fanfiction that won me first place in #Hallyu's recent contest. *ish so happy* It's only the second fanfiction in general I've ever written, so I was really surprised when it won. Anyways, I hope you in enjoy it. Like the title implies, it includes members of SHINee, Super Junior, and DongBangShinKi, it's basically an action/adventure story. If you're one of those people who reads descriptions first, then here's a short excerpt that will give you a basic overview of the story:

"Yun-Ho let out a sigh of relief as he laid his head back on the seat in the aerial vehicle as it banked to get on its desired course. He pondered on why he decided to participate in this I. D. O. L. program. Idol Defensive Operations League, or simply, IDOL, is a program started by the South Korean government to have major celebrities serve in the military. Since certain celebrities’ popularity and earning potential directly affected the economy, it was in the government’s best interest to keep the major groups together, but still recruit new soldiers. Min-Ho of SHINee, Dong-Hae of SUPER JUNIOR, and Yun-Ho of TVXQ, Yun-Ho being the leader of the team that was formed from the three, all decided to take part in this new program."

So there ya go, enjoy!

I did reference a couple actions/quotes from one of the All About DBSK videos I found on YT, see if you can find them in the story. ;) Also, I can't forget curlymobb's picture that inspired this whole thing. Check it here: [link]
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