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January 11
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Maeve: Pairs by Missvirginia Maeve: Pairs by Missvirginia
Finally, my first piece to be posted in 2014. Hopefully this will be a new era of better art fFinally, my first piece to be posted in 2014. Hopefully this will be a new era of better art for you guys. :D

These are my characters Katashi (Kat) and Kira. You've seen them before in elementary school with Danielle. I had been thinking about them for a little bit and decided that they grew up and became models. :dummy: Maeve is a fictional jean company/brand in Haven (Dani's  universe). They grew into handsome boys, am I right? :iconmonkeyloveplz: My sister said, "I'd like to take them home, I don't know what I'd do with them, but I'd like to take them home." :XD:

I did this with the intention of gaining some practice with the Adobe (here on known as Adiablo until I get aquainted because working with them is the devil) products. I painted in GIMP though, I think Photoshop would've taken me forever. Plus I got other stuff to do. I'll need to get my tablet set up on there eventually though. Quality is low by the way because somehow it came out HUGE in InDesign and I don't know why. :confused: I had to size it down, which obviously diminished the quality.

I hope you enjoy, and hopefully I'll have more story surrounding these dashing fellows one day. The next page for Bad Traffic will be coming up soon. :nod:

Male reference -…
All characters Missvirginia
Velvaden Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You do a fantastic job with muscles, omg <3
Missvirginia Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014
I had reference, typically things look better when I know what they look like. :XD: Thank ye!
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